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Circle Of Hearts
16 April 2016

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Steve Rice on The Dahlias Of Home

Existence Artistique on The Dahlias Of Home

Steve Rice on Bumblebee On The Bean Flowers
A wonderful capture. Nice clarity.

Steve Rice on A Sun For You
So lovely!

Existence Artistique on A Sun For You

Steve Rice on White Delights
A splendid image.

Existence Artistique on White Delights

Steve Rice on Lightbulb Moment
Cool image.

Existence Artistique on Lightbulb Moment
bien ce reflet

Steve Rice on Home Sweet Home

Existence Artistique on Home Sweet Home

Steve Rice on Frills
Lovely flowers.

Existence Artistique on Frills

Dimitrios on Frills
superb, happy photography 2018

Steve Rice on Candy Canes

omid on Candy Canes
Lovely flowers!

Existence Artistique on Candy Canes

Steve Rice on Triple Treat
Ah, such striped beauties! A real treat.

Existence Artistique on Triple Treat

Steve Rice on On The Rocks
What an interesting critter!

omid on On The Rocks
Amazing !!!

Anna Cherer on On The Rocks
Beautiful details and mono

Lougris on On The Rocks
étrange lézard !!!

Existence Artistique on On The Rocks
intéressante recherche qui rend bien

Steve Rice on Babbling Brook

Steve Rice on I Beg Your Pardon - You Promised Me A Rose Garden!
Lovely roses and weather down your way.

Existence Artistique on Babbling Brook
oh génial

Existence Artistique on I Beg Your Pardon - You Promised Me A Rose Garden!

Steve Rice on White Hydrangea Hedge
Beautiful light on this pretty hedge.

Existence Artistique on White Hydrangea Hedge
une intéressante recherche avec du bon travail

Steve Rice on Islamic Tomb
Beautiful! Happy New Year! Have a wonderful 2018.

omid on Islamic Tomb
such beautiful frame, clouds, colors & lights! Lovely tomb! ... ℋappy ♪ ♫ • * ¨ * •. ¸ ...

B. Thomas on Islamic Tomb
Happy New Year to you!!

Existence Artistique on Islamic Tomb
passe une agréable année riche pour tous les yeux

Dimitrios on Islamic Tomb
Happy new year

Mia on Islamic Tomb
Nice picture!!

Steve Rice on The King & Queen
Lovely! Have pleasant 2018.

Existence Artistique on The King & Queen

Existence Artistique on House Through The Woods
bien vu

Steve Rice on The Waterfall

Dimitrios on The Waterfall

Existence Artistique on The Waterfall

Steve Rice on Paddle In The Park
What a sweet pair!

Existence Artistique on Paddle In The Park
bien ce duo

Steve Rice on Across The Lake
A beautifully composed scene. I like those alien orbs on the lake. ;-)

Existence Artistique on Across The Lake

Existence Artistique on Fun On The Lake - New Plymouth
belle recherche

Steve Rice on Green Dream
Lovely. Merry Christmas!

Dimitrios on Green Dream

Existence Artistique on Green Dream
bon cadeau pour les yeux

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